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Objectives of the Programme

This programme has the following broad objectives:

  1. to emphasise the relevance and usefulness of mathematics from an application point of view;
  2. to equip the learners with the core mathematical knowledge and training necessary for use in many application areas;
  3. to expose the learner to real-life problems and promote the use of mathematics in industry and applied sciences;
  4. to develop human resource in emerging disciplines such as Mathematical Biology, Computational Mathematics, etc.


Graduates from a recognised University/Institution with a Major, or Honours in Mathematics with at least fifty per cent marks in aggregate.

If the seats at the centre remain vacant then:

Graduates with BA./BSc degree with Mathematics as one of the three main subjects with equal weightage, securing at least 50 per cent marks in aggregate and 55 per cent in Mathematics will be considered.

Please read the FAQ before applying for the programme

The Mathematics taught in all the above cases is tailored for a particular purpose and
does not include all the topics covered in a Mathematics honors course. For
example, rings and fields, abstract vector spaces, inner product spaces, topics in group
theory like normal subgroups, group homomorphisms are either not covered at all or
covered in a superficial manner. The M.Sc. (MACS) is primarily an M.Sc. degree in
Mathematics and it assumes the honors level knowledge of Mathematics.

You have to download the common prospectus from the IGNOU website, fill in the
form in this and submit it with the attested copies of the relevant documents and a
demand draft for Rs.400 towards registration fee. You have to submit the
application only in the seven RCs listed in the answer to question 7. All these
rates are subject to change. Please confirm with the concerned regional center or
check the IGNOU website for the latest rates.


3.1 When do I apply?
This programme is available only in the January session. Advertisement usually appears
in the last week of September or later. Apply after the advertisement appears.

3.2 Where is the application form?
See answer to question 3.

3.3 What is the basis for admission? Is there an entrance
The admission is based on merit and there is no entrance test.

3.4 Do I have to submit the fee with the application form?
No, you have to just pay the registration fee of Rs.400. After you receive the letter
from Regional Centre offering you admission to the programme, you have to pay the
fees for the first semester.

3.5 Can I apply online?
This provision is not available for the programme because admission is not automatic
and a merit list has to be prepared.

3.6 How will I come to know whether I have been selected?
You will get a letter or some other communication from the regional centre concerned
informing you that you have been selected. You can then pay the fee for the first

It is now Rs.6,600 per semester. But this is subject to change. Check with the
Regional Centre concerned.

Yes, it is compulsory to complete all the prescribed practical sessions. The student
has to prepare a file in which, for each session, the student has to give the source code
of the programme and algorithm in pseudo-code. The student has to show the
programme to the counselor and run it before the counselor. The counselor may ask
questions to check the understanding of the student and he/she may ask the student to
modify/improve the programme. The counselor will sign the file if he/she is satisfied
with the programme. The student will not be allowed to appear for the practical
examination of the course unless he/she completes at least 70% of the sessions
that are prescribed for the course. A course with a practical component is not
complete without clearing the practical examination.

You can appear for the term-end theory examination anywhere in India at any of the
IGNOU centers where examinations are being held but you can appear for your
practical exam only in the study center to which you are attached.

This course is offered in Delhi, Ranchi, Kolkata, Chennai, Cochin, Pune, and Jabalpur


Because of the specialized nature of the courses in the programme, the programme
has been started only in places where IGNOU could provide resources for the conduct
of theory and practical counselling.

IGNOU Degrees/Diplomas/Certificates are recognized by all member universities of
the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) and are at par with
Degrees/Diplomas/Certificates of all Indian Universities/ Institutions, as per UGC and
AIU guidelines. For more information, you may refer to the UGC website.

It is not advisable to do so. The programme is demanding in nature and you may need
to attend the counselling sessions at the centre, particularly the practical counselling
sessions which are compulsory. Note that there are on an average 15 computer-based
practical sessions per semester. It is compulsory to complete them. See answer to
question 6.

Yes, you can. The programme is basically an M.Sc. (Mathematics) programme and it
is comparable to other M.Sc. programmes in the country.